How to deal with the cold (flu)

People can be divided into two categories:

  • People who like to be sick, because that makes their life easier. For example, students — like it, because being sick allows them to skip the school.
  • People who do not like to be sick, because it makes their lives complicated. For example, entrepreneurs — week spent in bed because of flu or cold causes them to lose large amounts of money, which could be earned during that time. Or if they try to ignore disease, there might be complications, transforming flu into quite serious illness, up to death.

If you belong to second group, read carefully :)

First, let’s talk about how you should not deal with cold (flu).

  1. You should not use pharmaceutical antibiotics during first two days of illness. If you have caught the flu (which is viral infection), antibiotics will not help you, because they are fighting against bacterias, not viruses. Moreover, by destroying your microflora, they will reduce immunity and exacerbate your disease. And after a couple of days, if you get worse, use of antibiotics does make sense — as a result of weak immunity, now you are under attack of bacterias as well.
  2. Do not use antipyretics, if your temperature does not exceed 100,4 (°F), since lowering the temperature below 100,4 (°F) weakens immune system.
  3. Do not ignore illness. As they say, if you do not provide yourself with rest, your body will force you to.

Now let’s talk about how you should deal with cold (flu).

  1. Always keep in your house natural antibiotics — Pau D’Arco Bark and Colloidal Silver. They are less powerful than pharmaceutical antibiotics, but unlike them — Pau D’Arco Bark and Colloidal Silver do not destroy your microflora and fighting with MUCH wider range of pathogens, including bacterias. Which means that you can and SHOULD use starting from first minutes of decease, right after you start feeling weakness, dizziness, any other symptoms, or even just created ground — like got supercooled. The use of these drugs in the early hours of the disease, can finish it before it started. Instead of week in the bed, and possible complications, you just end up with few hours of weakness.
  2. The increase in water temperature at 10 degrees, speeds up metabolism by 2-3 times. It is a sin not to use is. During illness, the body’s metabolism can and SHOULD be accelerated by a hot (122 °F) water. Especially, if your body has not yet raised it’s temperature to 122 (°F) on it’s own. Approximately once an hour, you should drink sufficient amount of water to make you sweat (usually around a cup). In order to fulfill water’s (transport) functions, its quality should be improved as much as possible. For example, using tea leaves and lemon, or (best of all) with the help of Sango Corals.
  3. If, within a couple of days you get worser, in order to avoid possible complications, you SHOULD use pharmaceutical antibiotics.  If you have to call a doctor to get a recipe, JUST DO IT.
  4. If you had to use pharmaceutical antibiotics. When you get healthy, don’t forget to restore the microflora with probiotics.

If you live in US you can get Sango Corals and Colloidal Silver at and you can get Pau D’Arco Bark from wide range of places, like

If you live outside US, to find out how and where to get them, you can just contact me

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